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PT Techpack Asia

Techpack Asia is a world class company manufacturing high quality & innovative packaging solutions, specialize in beauty cosmetic packaging. Located in Demak, Central Java Indonesia. Techpack Asia is part of ALBEA Group headquartered in France.

For more than 18 years experience in beauty cosmetic packaging, Techpack Asia has taken pride in providing our customers a wide range of solutions for the make-up & skincare markets.

Our high industrial processes, aligned with the best standards of the industry & together with our talented teams, allow us to offer excellent products to our customers. We can ensure a global product launch as well as meet your specific markets needs. In addition to its leading in beauty cosmetic packaging, we also provide our customers our best quality, right quantity, cost & delivery.

Our capabilities include precision injection molding, multiple surface treatment possibilities, vacuum metallizing, and other. We serve the world class cosmetic brands in the Asia Pacific. Over the years, we have developed our unrivalled R& D, in collaboration with our global innovation and development center to deliver the most creative solutions to our customers.

Accredited by ISO 9000, ISO 14001 and also ISO 18001, we acknowledge our responsibility towards our stake holders, our customers, our employees, shareholders, community, government and also our surroundings. We believe sustainability is a quest to achieve balance between economic growth, environment protection and social responsibility. In line with our Corporate Social Responsibility approach, we drive continuous improvement in our operations to keep our people safe, reduce energy consumption, material, water, minimize waste and other resources.

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